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In Hull and the region there is a very limited supply of grade ‘A’ office space and the opportunity to build buildings of this standard and quality is rarely possible. As our national economy recovers there are many local businesses with aspirations to grow here. The best businesses, businesses that this area vitally needs to create wealth and jobs, need great buildings. This makes The Beacon a very important new headquarter office development and business park for the region’s economy. Two of the four grade A office buildings have been occupied wholly, with CHCP in Office 1 and Interbulk in Office 2.


The Beacon provides close proximity to the city centre and fast access to our national motorways, ports and airports. Conveniently situated on the main western route into Hull next to the A63 Clive Sullivan Way, The Beacon has a prominent position that is passed by over 45,000 vehicles each day, giving you the opportunity to run your business in a prime location. This office development has many features of an out-of-town business park, including exclusive car parking and leisure amenities on the door step, however The Beacon lies is only 1 mile west of Hull City Centre and avoids traffic congestion directly in the centre.

Office 1 interior (16)

  • West Hull convenience
  • An environment that will energise and invigorate your people
  • A place to invest in your team
  • Ideal for a growing and progressive company
  • Exclusive office development in Hull, on the edge of city centre
  • Presents a quality image and solid company perception to your customers
  • Office 3 = 5,000 to 15,779 sq.ft
  • Office 4 = 3,300 to 10,463 sq.ft

Space matters in so many ways and can have such a positive impact on your business.

Paul Hilary, CHCP

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